Your Pets View of the Super Bowl Alternative Puppy Bowl

Schatzi Coaches Two Face From the Sidelines

Two Face took a break from the action of the Puppy Bowl to ask me what he should do to become the Most Valuable Player in the greatest alternative to the Super Bowl. Well, he was not exactly “Action Jackson.” His lumbering body could not compete with free agent CeeVee (you spell it), the Shih Tzu-Beagle mix whose running strategy and control of the football wowed the crowd!

The referee came prepared with food, poop bags, water, safety gear and plenty of water. I wonder how many Subarus were sacrificed in the making of the commercials.

The chickens, kittens and hamsters all had a role to play in the making of the Puppy Bowl. I think they should add a parrot next year and some wannabe pet parents filling out forms for these adorable puppies who are all up for adoption. Hope you all enjoyed watching Puppy Bowl VII !!!

Living in the moment,
Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia

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