Your Pets View of the LeashLocket Retractable Lead

My pet parent and I attended BlogPaws 2011 where we spotted the LeashLocket retractable leash on display…and I immediately wanted to sniff the display to see if these lockets carried dog treats. I am sure your pet would view anything that is attached to their collar in the same way.

Leash Locket at BlogPaws 2011

Let me report first that Amelia has her reservations about retractable leashes due to some people having received serious injuries from the retractable corded leads. The AKC/Eukanuba National Championship even bans them from their show grounds to prevent not only human accidents but also a repeat of dogs being scared by retracting handles chasing them that they have pulled from their handler’s grip…causing them to run off into a dangerous situation. Those concerns aside, Amelia does attach a retractable belted lead to me when we are going on nature walks where strict control is not required.

Upon closer examination, we found out that the LeashLocket is a revolutionary retractable belted leash in that it actually attaches to a magnet that is on an elastic strap that snaps around my collar. Wow…how convenient to use on the trail. Now, instead of both of my pet parents having to carry a separate leash for times when they are not in the same location and have to put a leash on me, I can just return to them carrying my one and only leash! This allows them to have instant control without having to fumble with snapping a leash onto my collar.

The LeashLocket is so lightweight that I don’t even notice it. Amelia feels this LeashLocket will also be ideal to use in the agility and obedience training rings. Many handlers use a short tab that is attached to their dog’s collar but with a big coat like mine, a tab can get lost in my mass of fur. The LeashLocket will be much easier to locate.

So what else makes the LeashLocket so appealing? Both of my pet parents like the way the locket fits comfortably in their hands. An optional wrist strap attaches to the locket for those times when their hands need to be free to grab my doggie bag and scoop the ‘you know what.’

Retractable leads normally extend from 10 to 26 feet which gives the pet the ability to lead the pet parent wherever the trail leads…or not. The LeashLocket extends less than 6 feet so I remain in a safe walking zone near my pet parent. Cool.

We had a puppy try out the LeashLocket during puppy socialization time in class. The other puppies quickly knocked the LeashLocket off of its magnet but the snap kept it attached to the collar and the locking mechanism on the lead kept it close to the puppy. The puppy was not at all bothered by the dangling locket and none of the other puppies tried to grab the locket. If someone planned to use the LeashLocket during play time at the dog park, they may want to make sure the locket magnet is attached somewhere on the dog where the locket will remain secured to the magnet. The optional wrist strap can be removed and attached to a belt loop for later use.

The LeashLocket comes complete with Precautions and Instructions for Use. The top three tips suggest that the locket is only to be worn when dogs are supervised, that they are to be used on well-trained dogs only and handled only by adults. For more information, visit

Take time to watch our short and fun pet video review of the LeashLocket.

We received a Leash Locket from the company for our review. We were not paid for our review and all opinions about the LeashLocket are entirely our own.

Living in the moment,
Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia Johnson

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