What Everybody Ought to Know About Pets BeJeweled

I feel this is what everybody ought to know about Pets BeJeweled…It’s no surprise to me that a Dachshund inspired her pet parent to get into the business of designing jewelry.

My own pet parent kept seeing dog-related jewelry at ringside during the Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club’s Fall Mountain Classic dog show so I asked her to find out more.

Pets BeJeweled has finely hand sculpted, truly unique jewelry and home decor created by Monica Galley-Keller. Monica says that she enjoys a challenge and wants to know what she can create for you. Have your pet parent watch this video to meet Monica, hear her story, and see some of her jewelry. Maybe they will have a piece designed that looks like you!

Pawscript: Neither Amelia nor I will be compensated in any way for telling you about Pets BeJeweled.

Living in the moment,
Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia Johnson

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