Toilet Training is for Cats

Should pet parents train their cats to use the toilet? Pet parents sure go through a lot of cat litter.  Different cats like different litters so that adds to the expense in a multiple-cat household. To find out more about toilet training as an option, my pet parent bought the E-book Toilet Train My Cat. She found out that some breeds of cats learn faster…sounds like the smartest dog survey.

This book also covers constructing toilet-training contraptions…pet parents will have to be trained to do this part. Toilet training goes against a cats instincts so pet parents will have to be patient.  Since female pet parents expect the lid to be put down all the time, this will go against their natural instincts too. Going through the list of breeds, it would seem that a Japanese Bobtail owned by a male pet parent who never remembers to put the seat down might be the most successful cat to learn to use the toilet!

Did you hear about the cat that ran up the water bill by constantly flushing the toilet.  I’ll bet that pet parent regretted the day he taught his cat to flush!

Watch this funny cat video:
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