Time for Your Pet’s Dental Check up.

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Pet parents notice when we have bad breath and usually schedule us for a dental checkup at that time. If they don’t do it sooner, they will  have to do it later after dental problems have appeared.

My pet parent takes responsibility for cleaning my teeth.  She really does not want me to have to undergo a stressful procedure at the veterinarian’s office.Lucky for her, I comply with brushing and scaling.  I know that I will get a fantastic treat when she is done. Even so, she is wondering if it’s not “that time.”

Dental problems can be more serious than pet parents expect.  When we have mouth pain, we may not eat enough or groom ourselves properly. Four common problems require dental care.

Naturally, accidents can damage the teeth and gums.  My predecessor was kicked in the face by a pony and ended up with a broken tooth. Some pets have congenital or developmental disorders…they can be candidates for the ugliest pet contest. Unless we are great chewers in a moderate fashion, we end up with periodontitis which is basically yuck on the teeth and bloody gums. A problem that you don’t want is tooth decay. That will lead to major problems when infection enters your blood stream.

Normally, you have to have a physical checkup before scheduling a routine cleaning.  They may want to do blood work first if you have had previous health issues. A basic cleaning for a forty-pound dog like me in my area costs about $275.00. My nephew is only three and lives on the East Coast.  His vet wants to charge $900.00 to clean his teeth.  Unfortunately, his mom is out of work and has not been able to get it done for him. 

Some pet parents go to the extreme with dental care.  Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA, writes about appropriate dental care on her PetMD blog. Some pet parents have psychiatric disorders that cause them to invent health conditions for their pets and get high on the attention and satisfaction that they receive from “caring” for them. 

Dr. Khuly admits that there are a few vets that take advantage of pet parents with this condition to benefit financially.  This is when we pets need to have a voice in our veterinary care!

Ask your pet parent to comment on your dental care.

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