The Secret to How a Yellow Lab Smiled Big at Westminster For a Fraction of the Campaign Cost

 Corey , handler Kathy Gertler and pet parent Ellen Moon

I featured Corey the Yellow Labrador in my last blog post. She and I have been playing together since she was a pup.  She is a diva like me and has a winning smile.  In fact, I am proud to announce that Corey made the cut in the ring at Westminster this year and was one of the top six bitches shown.  Way to go Corey!

Now, this is what my pet parent found out by reading Dr. Larry’s blog about Westminster. Most of the cost of campaigning a dog on the professional dog show circuit goes towards advertising to let the judges know how popular you are and secondly, to pay  your handlers for caring for you on the road and showing your best points to the judge.

Corey’s pet parent knows that nutrition also plays a huge role in the life force of Corey and how well she shows. However, instead of feeding Corey a big name-brand food, she chose to use a holistic pet food formulated by a veterinary nutritionist that she can consult frequently and personally.  She also has the food shipped directly to her rather than taking a chance on food that has been housed in warehouses for up to two years before it is on the shelf. Best of all, she is able to subsidize Corey’s show career by referring other pet parents to these benefits. Even Corey’s handler has earned money that she can now rely on for unexpected expenses or to set aside for retirement.

So now I have revealed the SECRET on how a dog can show exceptionally well at Westminster for a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent by other pet parents in the sport. Pet parents who are dog lovers first can still be competitive at dog shows without spending huge amounts of money campaigning. 

Encourage your pet parent to add their thoughts on kibble and show sense.

Living in the moment,

Pet Companion to Animal Lover Amelia

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