The Secret of Cat Advertising

Cat secretly approaching his toys

Sneaking Up While Hanging On

The secret is out about CAT ADVERTISING. An ad agency in Toronto is using cats in videos as a business tool. I wonder how that works…The cat outside my sliding glass door not only torments me, but keeps me entertained throughout the day. Perhaps this agency is onto the magnetic attraction that we all have to cats…whether we want to have it or not.

Kittywood Studios started in 1994 and mass produces cat videos on the web. Somehow though I can’t imagine cats actually working at advertising in commercials. The producers have to be very creative with their storyboards. Cats have a way of showing up in odd places or not showing up at all. I’m sure you’ve heard that cats take messages and get back to you later. I wonder if these cats have agents?

I was disappointed to see that some of the cat videos that I have been watching on YouTube were actually created by Kittywood…here I thought these were videos put up randomly by owners that were owned by super funny cats like this one:

These cat videos can be very powerful in advertising. They certainly hold our attention. Some of them even brighten our days. We will leave you with a hug in this pet video:

So do you think cats or dogs are better in commercials?

Living in the moment,
Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia

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  • ypvadmin

    February 1, 2012

    I would love to visit your Dog Town Resort. It looks beautiful and fun! Come back soon…
    Living in the moment,
    Pet companion to animal lover Amelia

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