The Allegany County Animal Shelter *Save A Pet* Vision for the Future

Thirty-eight years ago, an estimated 90,000 homeless pets were euthanized across the country every month. Gertrude Maxwell, through her Save-A-Pet website, has been credited with saving more than 70,000 dogs and cats since then. Her campaign included spaying, neutering and saving as many pets as possible.

Gertrude Maxwell died recently but her vision has ignited a firestorm in a small town in Western Maryland. Animal lovers were unhappy with the response from the Allegany County Animal Shelter staff, forcing change to happen. Volunteers were hoping that the shelter could become a no-kill shelter.  They have stepped forward to assist in pet care until new staff can be hired. Change is constant.  Some pets have been fostered and others have been adopted. Some volunteers have already burned out and others are frustrated…yet remain for the sake of the homeless pets.

Watch this pet video that was taken shortly after the upset to hear about the duties of animal-shelter  volunteers:

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