Savvy Pet Parents Participate in Building the Life’s Abundance Brand

Savvy pet parents are building the Life’s Abundance brand of holistic pet, people and planet products. These pet parents are a new breed of consumer referred to as New Consumers by a nationally recognized branding and marketing firm, BBMG. These pet parents are driven by practical shopping habits that serve their purpose and are more likely to try new things. Even during the recession, 25 percent of more than 70 million of these new consumers are willing to pay more and are re-evaluating their purchasing priorities.

Premium Health Food

Let’s use the Life’s Abundance pet food from the lineup of the people, pet and planet products as an example of  how these new pet product consumers are building this holistic brand.

After the pet food recall of 2007, pet parents became more aware that they wanted total value in a pet food and were willing to spend a little more for quality over quantity. To their surprise, these New Consumers of Life’s Abundance pet food discovered that they were spending less over time for a more nutritious food than they had been feeding with other brands.

Any questions or concerns about Life’s Abundance pet food that the new consumers have are answered directly by Dr. Jane Bicks, veterinary nutritionist and product formulator. Dr. Jane is able to learn more from her new consumers about their pets’ needs and tastes and provide healthy solutions.

Dr. Jane Bicks

This New pet food consumer asks, “What’s in it for We?” and the answer lies with the Dr. Jane Foundation that supports non-profit animal rescues. Preferred customer pricing is available to those consumers who have their fresh pet food shipped directly to their home.

These parents whose pets are New Consumers of Life’s Abundance pet food not only look at the ingredients listed on the label but are also co-creators of content, products and experiences. They are invited to participate in the company blog, speak with Dr. Jane on her conference calls to have their questions answered and meet with personal independent representatives for the ultimate in customer service. BBMG reports that less than 4 percent of these new pet parent consumers trust a company’s advertising or their product claims, and in this case, many of the pet parents have validated the Life’s Abundance brand on the Internet via social networks as well as third party trustmarks.

Pet Parents have become fiercely loyal to these authentically “excellent” pet food products. These New Consumers have found practical benefits like cost savings, durability and style, social and environmental benefits, as well as social benefits that connect them to a community of like-minded, animal loving friends.

Life’s Abundance provides total value as they welcome input from their consumers . Pet food is delivered fresh to their door at preferred customer pricing. As these New Consumers see their pet’s health improve, many sign on to become independent field representatives for this unique network marketing company, thus funding the costs of their own pet care while building their home-based business. Through the Dr. Jane Foundation, they are also able to assist their local rescue organizations.

This successful Life’s Abundance brand has poised itself for growth by constantly listening to their New consumers of their products, engaging them in conversation and driving healthy, science-based innovation. Life’s Abundance not only improves the health of people, pets and the planet, it changes their world.

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