Santa Paws Believes that Dogs Deserve Better!

An anonymous gift from a Texas woman calling herself Santa Paws as well as donations from pet lovers from all across the country means a brighter Christmas for 100 rescued dogs. Santa Paws gave $5000 to the group Dogs Deserve Better based in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  Another $5000 was raised on the Dogs Deserve Better web site.

As a result, Tamira Thayne, the group’s representative, was able to buy $10,000 in PETCO gift cards which will go to the foster parents of 100 dogs. Thanks to Santa Paws, Dogs Deserve Better has been able to buy three times the gift cards for foster dogs that had lived chained or kept outside. They will each get a bed, treats and some toys that they never had before.

How do you feel about dogs being kept in pens or chained outside?  Go to Dogs Deserve Better if you would like to support their cause.

Living in the moment,
Pet companion to animal lover Amelia
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