Safety of Veterinary Drugs Breaks Down Trust

Who should be held accountable when the lack of safety of veterinary drugs breaks down the TRUST regarding what we are treated with and who is treating us?

Our pet parents take us to veterinarians that they know, like and trust. They rely on our vets to do the right thing for us. But what happens when veterinarians are not informed about the safety of the drugs that they are using to treat us?

A Veterinary Information Network has been co-founded by president Dr.Paul Pion to keep vets informed of what is happening. Veterinarians are not being alerted to safety recalls.  The manufacturers are not taking responsibility for informing their customers. Pion believes that everyone who has the information, whether they believe it’s their job or not, should share it. He goes on to say that any individual or company who has reliable information and doesn’t share it should be held personally and corporately responsible for any adverse reactions that occur after that.

When you have an adverse reaction to a drug, as I did to a vaccine, who does your pet parent hold accountable?  Have them comment on this very important topic.

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