Pets Take Action After More Dog Treat Warnings

Does your pet parent react with fear when they hear about more dog treat warnings? A recent warning involves chicken jerky treats from China. These may also be sold as chicken tenders, chicken strips or chicken treats. FDA officials said that the number of illnesses reported has gone up from the 54 reports filed in 2010 to 70 so far this year.

Only 70 reports of illness, you say? What if you are one of the 70? Have you lost your appetite? Has your energy level decreased to the level of only rolling over? Are you recycling your food or gushing with urgency? Are you thirstier and watering the grass more often? Have you been diagnosed with diabetes when, in fact, you may have Fanconi syndrome? If you have been fed those questionable treats, stop and consider a trip to the vet if you don’t start feeling better within 24 hours.

My pet parent took action years ago, even before dog treat and dog food warnings were in the news. I am benefiting by eating food and treats that are carefully made with a purpose in mind…and it’s not all about the money!

I can recommend a healthy alternative to you with our Holiday Gift Basket for dogs.

Holiday Gift Basket

It comes complete with an assortment of our most popular treats. When I’m looking a bit fluffier than usual, I eat wholesome hearts. When my teeth need a light cleaning, I eat the gourmet dental treats and chew on the porkhide bones. The antioxidant health bars chase those pesky free radicals away. When I am really super good at performing, I earn some Tasty Rewards.


Holiday Gift Basket for Cats

If you have a cat or cats in the house, have your pet parents order the Cat gift basket. They might stop ambushing your tail while you are dreaming if they learned that your pet parents heeded the warnings because of your health concerns.




If your pet parent would like to report a potential pet-treat-related illness from tainted treats, have them take action by filing a complaint at the FDA website.

Ask your pet parent to change the kind of treats that they give to you or your family feline so that your family can enjoy a happy holiday season. Give us your feedback.

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