Pet Parent Panics When Dog Has Seizure

Would your pet parent panic if you had a seizure?  Mine did, but only momentarily.  I have not wanted to write about this because it happened to me.  But since this blog is all about you, I thought that I better share some information so that your pet parent can respond appropriately.

From the description that “Dad” gave to “Mom” who was not present when the event occurred, she feels that I had a grand mal seizure.  It’s the first time for me and hopefully the last.

Dad reacted by cleaning the froth away from my mouth and massaging my chest.  He thought that he was losing me.  Once back on all fours, I ran around the house like a buzzing bee flies and barked and howled, frenzied and disoriented. After 15 minutes, I settled back down.  Mom arrived home and took me out into the dark night to cool down.

It’s been a little over two weeks now and Mom says it is like my electrical button has been reset. I am calmer, more focused and no longer wash my legs down to my skin. She wonders if I could have avoided this with more regular visits to the holistic vet that lives over 3 hours away.

Mom is using a holistic approach with nosodes and the healing codes at this point.  We may never know what triggered the seizure. Hopefully, that trigger will never be pulled again.

Have your pet parent watch this expert pet video:

Have your pet parent comment on their experiences with pets that have seizures.

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