Pet Holiday Greeting Cards add a Personal Touch

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Greeting cards that feature pets definitely add a personal touch to the the holidays. These cards are also a great way to grow any kind of business. With postal rates going up and service delivery going down, the number of holiday cards seem to be dwindling as pet parents are pushed for time and money. Inboxes are full so not even E-cards provide the perfect solution to showing people how much you appreciate their friendship throughout the year.

My pet parent found a great way to send postcards and greeting cards to our clients…not only can my picture be on the front of the card, but their pet’s picture can be inside the card…or the other way around…I tend to think life is all about me, so forgive the slip of the words there.

It's ALL about Me!

Instead of sending “cookie-cutter cards,” we can send out our personalized cards at a very reasonable price…which is amazing since this system that we use also comes complete with a Contact Manager. This enables us to have our client’s information on file so that we can send them a greeting card quickly at any time of the year while we are sitting at the computer. We can even send the same card to a number of clients or members of the dog kennel club at the same time. This permits my pet parent to have more time to play with me since this company prints the cards and mail them for us…all for about $1.00 per card.

We would be happy to show you how you can use our web site to send your customized greeting cards from the comfort of your home. If your pet parent is not at all creative or just lacks time to be, they can chose from thousands of cards already in the card library.

I must tell you though, that if you tell your pet parents about this and they chose to use this system to save themselves time and money, I will earn some money to buy more treats for my friends at the Frostburg Dog Park. I am a dog with a job that has fringe benefits. Your pet parents can earn commissions by sending greeting cards too…imagine that! Dream big…perhaps a huge bone or new bed or your own hydrotherapy pool!

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you the other nifty thing about this holiday greeting card system that we use. We can send gifts to our friends and clients too! We send gifts to the veterinarians and groomers that refer business to us. Sometimes we send candy and sometimes we send pet treats.

Happy Thanksgiving

This picture is on the front of my Thanksgiving card. Isn’t it cute?

Pet greeting cards can be created in advance for every reason and every season. Some pet parents really get carried away with their pet pictures and create lots of cards. When it comes to letting people know that you care, there is nothing better than a greeting card or a gift that they can actually hold in their hands. Just think of all the fun you can have too by opening the gifts for them! If you have a reputation for being naughty by shredding paper, your pet parent can take a picture of you shredding the card and making you a poster pet on a greeting card!

If your pet parent is thinking about the chore of sending greeting cards this holiday season, have them check us out at for a quick and easy way to take action, to keep old friends and to make new friends.

Come back here and tell us about your photo session for your greeting cards…remember you get lots of treats for smiling!

Living in the moment,
Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia Johnson

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