National Dog Dental Month

National Pet Dental Month – Anesthesia-Free Cleaning or Not?

Are you thinking about having an anesthesia-free pet dental done this month? Coupons have been mailed out enticing pet parents to get their pet to the veterinarian this February. There is a national push to have you kissable on Valentine’s day and beyond.

In a related post, I extolled the benefits of having my teeth cleaned by a veterinarian or their trained technicians while under anesthesia. I have also had my teeth cleaned by Amelia and by a former human dental technician who switched to cleaning pets’ teeth.

This dental technician flew in from California where many pet owners were open to having their pets’ teeth cleaned without anesthesia. However, the veterinarians there and in many other states feel these procedures might do more harm than good by giving pet parents a false sense of security concerning their pet’s overall health in their mouths. Their concerns are valid.

Amazingly, many pets are very cooperative about having their teeth cleaned without anesthesia. I don’t mind it at all so when the California company that employed this technician contacted Amelia about setting up a clinic to raise funds for the Frostburg Dog Park, she asked around to see if there was any interest in anesthesia-free dental cleaning  among the pet parents that she knew.

The clinic was well attended and we would like to share this pet video with you:

As you can see in the video, I was very well behaved and my teeth looked great. It was less than a year later that my veterinarian discovered a cracked molar while she was cleaning my teeth under anesthesia.  Had it been cracked and that crack undetected by the anesthesia-free dental technician? Who knows. There are pros and cons to both ways of cleaning dogs’ teeth. Be sure you are aware of which will benefit your pet the most.

Allow your pet to be kissable this month by having their teeth professionally cleaned. Of course, you can help maintain your pets’ oral health by using water additives, dental wipes and foam as well as dog-safe toothpaste and special dental treats  in between cleanings.

Which method do you prefer? Leave us your comment below.

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