Napping Makes Our Pet Parents Smarter

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The importance of people napping to become smarter is quite the buzz now. My pet parent loves to nap when he comes home from work and then again before he goes to bed…well, okay, I am exaggerating a bit. He doesn’t do it every night. 

People all over the world have known the value of napping but here in the United States if our pet parents are “caught napping” they could suffer severe repercussions on the job. Dr. Matthew Walker, a Berkeley psychologist, claims that it all happens in a part of the brain which temporarily stores “fact-based memories.” When pet parents nap, they clear out the memories so that they have room to take in more.  I wonder if that is the same as clearing the cobwebs from your brain which is the way our grand pet parents talked about the process.

So how does this memory stuff relate to us as pets? A writer for PetPlace reports that our memory banks need periodic purging and reorganization during sleep too. After we attend 5 weeks of training classes, our pet parents observe that we act like we have not learned anything at all.  Actually, our lessons are just going from short-term memory to long-term memory.  I wonder if the process would happen sooner if we took naps halfway through class…but then we would miss all the fun.

Does your pet parent feel that naps make them smarter? Have them leave a comment.

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