Let’s Bark at Cars!

Let’s bark at cars!  The Pet Safety Lady Christina Selter of Bark Buckle UP published the 2010 Top Ten Pet Safe Awards after attending the Chicago Auto show.

I have used seat belts and occupied crates while traveling with my pet parent. An unrestrained pet can be a hazard in an accident in many ways.  Christina tells us that a 60-pound dog can cause an impact of 2,700 pounds, slamming into a car seat, a windshield, or another passenger. Of course, rescue workers might be attempting to care for our pet parents first and our injuries or protective behavior would add to the drama.

My pet parent has seen posters of dogs that have been lost after their pet parents have been in an accident.  Some pets are never found or they may have been hit by another car.  It always amazes me to see pets still traveling unrestrained in the back of pickup trucks!

A little kitten climbed out of the cardboard box it was riding in and parked itself under the brake pedal of the car my then teenage pet parent was driving.  I am glad I didn’t hear that squeal as the car was going down a long, steep hill with no braking power due to the little body wedged underneath the pedal.

A recent statistic shows that 50% of dog owners consider their pet’s comfort when buying a car.  That’s true in my case too.  I travel around in a Honda Element.  

Watch this pet video of why the Honda Element rocks!

Living in the moment,

Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia

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