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January is National Dog Training Month

January’s National Dog Training Month is when people not only try to get themselves back in shape but recognize that this is a great time to do some dog training in their own home.

The weather is frigid here so I don’t get outside much.  Amelia was delighted to see JT Clough – a dog trainer and two-time World Champion tri-athlete as well as an author and a dog biz mentor –  blabbing about “7 Ways to Keep Your #Dog Busy in the Winter Time” and hopped on the blab to engage in the conversation after JT was done explaining her 7 tips.

Rather than having you search the live stream platform, you can watch the Blab here:



Here is a quick run-through of the 7 Ways You Can Keep Your Dog Busy This Winter along with my running commentary…You will have to watch the Blab to learn the rules for these games.

Shell game – I am very good at this one… my nose works well so no one can fool me.

Tug of war – Politeness counts in this game.

Jolly ball – Oh, pooh, I like to pop balls when I’m done playing but I won’t be able to pop or pick up a Jolly Ball.

Stairway dash – I learned how to make Amelia do most of the exercising on this one…JT says I am a typical “independent thinking” American Eskimo…lol

Put your toys away – My toys are overflowing my pop-up dog basket…I’ve had a lot of birthdays.

Teach your dog the name of its toys – Hmmm…big ball, little ball, treat ball, blue ball, red ball…you get the idea…

Command “Go to” – Like in “Go to bed” – I’m good at that since I need my beauty rest.

Here’s proof that Amelia was on this blab with Krysti and JT…

Dog Training

Dog Lovers Blab About Dog Training

I also want to mention that JT’s mission is get the word out to people about what they can do with their dogs and to help qualifying pet parents

pay for their veterinary bills through the Wonder Dog Fund so they will not have to give up their dog. We think that is a very noble mission…like being a good samaritan.

JT is also into Dog Swag so check it out here. I wonder if she will have some Eskimo jewelry in the future…hint, hint.

By the way, I am not being compensated in any way to promote JT and her mission or her swag.  We just thought you should know that JT is truly going the extra mile to help out pets!

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