It’s About Time That Puppy Mills Reform

Squeezed to the Limit

It’s about time that puppy mills reform their method of raising puppies and treating dogs. Missouri, with an estimated 3000 puppy mills, has long been known as the source of pet store puppies. My pet parent discovered Missouri, Oklahoma and Iowa as the source of puppies in a pet store back in the early 70’s.

The Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act was passed in Missouri but it will not take effect until November 2011. A whole year will go by with puppies living in nearly the same conditions as the large commercial dog breeders are given time to raise their standards.

Pet stores that claim to buy puppies from local breeders may do a better job of socializing the puppies once they are in the store. However, too often these puppies are placed in the store at too young an age to have learned important social skills from their mother and siblings. Rarely do pet store owners take these puppies home every night to socialize them with people and other environments. My pet parent has found that it is common for these puppies to suffer from separation anxiety and inappropriate bathroom habits.

Even on a smaller scale, any breeder who keeps pups in a garage or a barn with little food, water, space, exercise or the human touch needs to reform his ways. Puppies that are not raised properly, even minimally, tend to be turned into shelters and euthanized for poor health and lack of trainability.

Pet parents are the voice for puppies everywhere. Pups, empower your pet parents to keep on howling for better care and treatment of puppies everywhere.

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Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia Johnson

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