Howl-O-Ween is Great Training Opportunity

As I rebuild my site, you will see some posts like this one about Howl-O-Ween out of chronological order…but you know we as pets just live in the moment so don’t let your pet parents get goofy on you.

You have seen the neighborhood flyers telling our pet parents to hide us in the basement on Halloween night so that we are not scared by the Trick or Treaters or , heaven forbid, we scare the little rascals with our barking and lounging.

However, I find the night a delightful time to show off my socialization skills and experience new sights and sounds.  I think all pets of sound temperament should drag their pet parents out of the house and take us for a walk on that “frightful” night.

Watch this pet video that I created for you:

 Comment on your Howl-O-Ween nights.

Living in the moment,
Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia

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