How Well Do You Know the Animal Rescue Organization That You Support?

How well does your pet parent know the animal rescue organization that they support with their money…or their time? Have they met the Director of the organization(s) or do they just send in money because a celebrity supports the cause?

Pets are placed with rescue organizations for many reasons. Owners may seek them out as an alternative to shelters that are conditioned to euthanizing older or special-needs animals. They may feel that more effort will be made by the organization to place that pet with a suitable family than what they could do as an individual. Perhaps the owners are moving and cannot take the pets with them. Perhaps the owner has died and made provisions for their pets to be placed in rescue upon their death. In these cases, often times, the owners will also financially support the organization as efforts are made to place their pets.

Another scenario is when pets are rescued from an abusive situation. News reports highlight the abuse and support often flows in for veterinary care. An experienced owner is then sought to create a safe atmosphere for the recovery of this pet who may be fearful of trusting anyone again.

We have known of rescue organizations that have adopted very few pets out. Perhaps the pets are unadoptable or perhaps the director decides that no home other than hers is suitable for the pets. There is a fine line here on the intent of the organization, especially if it is a one-person setup. We heard of one lady who interviewed a stay-at-home pet owner with a fenced yard and a background of regular vet care and obedience training for his dogs who still turned him down when he wanted to adopt a pet in her care. To add insult to injury, she trounced through his immaculate home with muddy boots! Needless to say, word gets out and support went down for her “efforts.”

Oftentimes, a rescue organization starts out self-funded. We have known of boarding kennels that open up a space for healthy animals until they can find new homes. Although they may not officially become a rescue organization themselves, they will “shadow” an organization in this way.

We personally know of another boarding kennel that supports their non-profit Ark of Hope Rescue. They have taken in dogs, cats, goats, birds and abused animals over many years. Others in the community have helped them raise money to cover veterinary expenses and provided food and supplies to care for the pets. This is a family effort but volunteers have always been welcome to care for the pets and this no-cage facility.

The Director of the Ark of Hope Rescue, Diane Care, also educates the public at the local county fair, in schools and at fund-raising events. In 2010 alone, Ark of Hope rescued 275 dogs and puppies and 123 cats and kittens through their efforts. They stay in touch with the pets that have passed through their doors.

If you would like to adopt a pet through Ark of Hope Rescue, you may view their pets on Petfinder.

Watch this pet video to find out more about Ark of Hope

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