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How We Chose the Right Dog Food For Me

Discriminating Pet Parents do their due diligence in choosing the right dog and cat food for their pet. Amelia used to be loyal to a particular brand before 2002 for many of the reasons cited in our last post. Many dog food advisors are on the Internet now to help pet parents make their selection from the research that they have done but even in 2002, Amelia went to the next level in her selection criteria in choosing a dog food for my predecessor Blizzard.

American Eskimo

Amelia with Blizzard

Here is our story…

Amelia and her friend were enrolled in a vet tech assistant class where they learned that all pet foods were basically the same.  Her friend had been driving 2 hours to pick up food that was not found locally because she felt the ingredients were much better for her Labrador Retriever.

To make a long story shorter, Amelia and her friend went to visit a holistic vet  a couple hours from their hometown to see if he could help her Labrador. Not only was he able to do that while dressed in his shorts and sandals…no white lab coat for this guy…but he also was able to direct Amelia to a new pet health food store and recommended a few new brands for her to try on her 14-year-old American Eskimo who had Cushing’s disease.

Passing the Dog Food Taste Test

Amelia took over a dozen samples of dog food home to Blizzard. He turned up his nose at the raw lamb, and many of the other variations that were randomly placed in front of him. He had settled on the same brand Amelia’s friend was using for her dog until a new sample arrived in the mail at Amelia’s request. He loved the taste. The food smelled great too.  Amelia was surprised that there was no marketing hype that came with the sample. No one was telling her that this food was absolutely the best. Instead, a handwritten note said, “Here, see if your dog likes this.”

Overcoming Cynicism About Dog Food Companies

Amelia and her friend had both become cynical from the marketing hype for dog food. The food Blizzard selected had other products available in the way of supplements and pet care. They decided to really check out this company before they recommended the products to their friends. Amelia had a pet sitting service and wanted to be able to help those pets too.

So another trip was taken to meet the owners of the company at their private home. The co-founders, the product formulators and others involved in the company were there also. They answered every question Amelia and her friend had about:

  • Ingredients
  • Manufacturing plant
  • APHIS certification
  • Cooking process
  • Quality control
  • Warehousing
  • Customer service
  • And many more

Amelia and her friend could find no reason to be cynical about this dog and cat food company. Strong friendships were built that day that remain today, 13 years later. As this company has grown, it has maintained its integrity, financial stability, environmental responsibility, and superior customer service. It is now fully owned by the employees!

The company stays in direct contact with their customers and representatives through weekly conference calls and trainings to answer their questions and receive their input on what new products they would like to have and how they can be better served.

American Eskimo

CH Naturs Schatzi, CGC, RN


I am Grateful

…that Amelia has stuck with this company. Their products have served me well in my show career and active life. Their safety is reflected in the fact that none of their products have ever been recalled. If they ever were, we would receive an email immediately!



Amelia has been an Independent Field Representative for this outstanding company. The income she receives not only pays for my high-end upkeep…(like acupuncture and laser treatments, raindrop therapy, baths, etc.)… but also allows her a whole lot of time off to spend with our family and friends.

If you want to have the fun we are having while staying healthy, contact us. We will give you the details and guide you along the path…

Have you ever gone the extra mile that Amelia has in choosing a pet food and product line for your pet?

Let us know by leaving a comment below…

Living in the moment,


Pet Companion to Animal Lover Amelia


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