How to Understand Dog Body Language

We would like to think that our pet parents understand our body language. My pet parents’ greatest challenge is getting the visitors to our home or the people we meet to understand what message I am conveying. Some people just don’t get it when I say “You scare me” but they say, “Oh, what a fluffy dog! Let me hug her tightly!”

As a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, my pet parent is happy to know that APDT has partnered with Doggone Safe to educate people about us. Doggone Safe also provides dog bite victim support. You may have heard pet parents yelling “Be a Tree” before whenever we get excited and run after the kids or jump on them to hear them scream. Doggone Safe also offers online courses about dog body language and occupational bite prevention. I think they must be trying to educate the mailmen and especially those UPS truck drivers that ring my doorbell!

Doggone Safe has announced the International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge. Presenters are asked to visit schools and educate 50,000 children about dog safety in a single week. I felt like I had done that in a matter of a few hours when I went to a career day and the teenagers packed in so close around me that my body language conveyed that I wanted to find the closest exit.

May 15-21, 2011 is Dog Bite Prevention Week and this is when the Challenge will take place. Presenters in 17 countries, 11 Canadian provinces and 43 states in the United States are ready to put Doggone Safe into the Guinness Record book by teaching more about dog language.

Time is flying by. Become a program sponsor by purchasing supplementary branded learning materials such as coloring books, paint sheets, a story book, a poster, stickers, bookmarks and fridge magnets that help to teach children to be a tree when they see our excited body language.
Go to the Doggone Safe website at

Learn more about understanding dog language by watching this video from the clickerpuppytrainer:

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