How to Tell Cats Apart

How do you tell cats apart? There are many breeds of cats but that is not what I am talking about here. I am not referring to skinny cats versus fat cats either. Say you are looking after a litter of kittens and they all look alike. Their personalities really aren’t distinct yet so how do you tell those little furballs apart?

Let’s play the ultimate detective. Humans have different fingerprints. We pets have paw prints. Have you heard though that cats can be identified by their nose pads? Each nose pad is uniquely ridged. 

Somehow, I think this “nose pad print” is the last method that will be used to identify a cat. The way we dogs get our noses caught in different things, our first nose print will be different from our last and I am sure the same will be true with cats!

Living in the moment,

Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia

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