How To Grow Young With Your Dog

 A Book Review for Author Mary Debono

Grow Young With Your Dog

Grow Young With Your Dog

The Grow Young With Your Dog book is for anyone with a dog who wants to create an active, healthy future together through a proven communication method.

Lifelong animal lover Mary Debono began developing the SENSE Method about thirty years ago but with the writing of this book, which is in its second printing, you will learn that what she teaches as she travels internationally has evolved into the Debono Moves.

In this 231-page book Grow Young With Your Dog, the introduction sets the stage for getting your thinking unstuck so that you can feel and move more youthfully. Once you can do that for yourself, you will realize how you can help your own dogs lead happy, healthy and active lives using the Debono Moves. This book is designed to help you improve right along with your dog.

Mary wants you to get the most benefit from the Debono Moves by following her 7 Suggestions. She encourages you to invest in yourself and your dog, because what you do today will affect how you will feel in the future.

Key Points

Mary emphasizes key points highlighted in bold print to catch your eye as you flip through the book. The key points of each chapter can also be found at the end of each chapter as a quick and easy way to review what you have just learned. This book will appeal to both the scientist and the everyday pet parent that wishes to live an extraordinary life with their dog.

Key Points

Key Points


What makes this book so different from any other self-help book you may have read is the science behind Mary’s methods. Mary is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner. She uses her hands to communicate, not manipulate. The dogs themselves actually create the change. The 8 chapters are filled with black & white pictures to increase your understanding.

Most of us have heard the term “no pain, no gain” as a way to move forward with physical exercise. Mary’s mantra goes along the lines of gentle, safe and pleasurable movements that elicit comfortable movements that are more likely to influence the dog’s functioning. This comfort allows the dog to gain confidence and have a longer lasting improvement.

As soon as Amelia started flipping through this book and reading the keynotes, she realized that this book was written for us. As an aging American Eskimo living with an aging pet parent, I knew that I could change some habits and apply some principles that would help both of us grow younger rather than feel older. You may also feel that this book has been written for you.


Mary goes on to tell you stories about different dogs that she has helped with her methods. You are likely to find a story that you can relate to and that story will motivate you to start your own healing process with your dog.

Video and Audio

Perhaps you are a visual learner and don’t feel reading a book will really help you. Mary understands and gives you access to 55 minutes of video and over 3 ½ hours of audio instruction at no additional cost.

This book may well be the most effective book ever written for pet parents to learn to grow young with their dogs. Don’t delay. Pick up your copy here.

Full disclosure: Amelia received a free copy of Grow Young With Your Dog from Mary herself so that we could check it out and share our opinion with you.  I may also get some extra treats if you buy the book from Amelia’s Amazon link.

P.S. I love my treats…

You can find out more about Mary by visiting her website:

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