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How To Create A Dog Park For Your Community: Why You Should

In our last post on “How To Create A Dog Park For Your Community”, we left off with the questions “Why Have A Dog Park In Frostburg And What Can You Do?”

These are the points brought out on the little yellow flyer provided by Kevin Gummer


  • Dog parks can be fun places where dog owners can meet each other while exercising their dogs
  • The park will provide a safe area for dogs to play and interact with each other. This interaction may help the dogs to become friendlier to each other and hopefully happier.
  • Dog owners can also benefit from the exercise they can receive while playing with their pet
  • The dog park will be a unique amenity to our community and our new recreation complex
  • The dog park will increase the number of visitors coming into our community to exercise their pets. These visitors may stop at our local businesses or come back to our area without their pets to enjoy the rest of our community.

What Can You Do?

As of today, the Frostburg Dog Park idea is just that, an idea. This project is still in its infancy. You can help by forming a committee to steer the idea in the right direction. Your appointed leaders in the City of Frostburg are here to help you with information and guidance.

City Place - Location for Puppy Socialization and Dog Obedience Classes

City Place – Location for Puppy Socialization and Dog Obedience Classes

The Community Outreach Partnership Center at City Place will be opening towards mid-June and will be available to assist you in any aspect of committee and organization building and about how you can make a difference in your community.

Fundraising is also an area that needs some assistance. The balance of the dog park account, which is administered by the Foundation For Frostburg, is modest. You could do any kind of fundraising you can think of to raise money for the park. Be creative!

Thank you for your interest and support!

Everyone Stayed Comfortable…

These flyers were handed out to the students in the puppy socialization and obedience classes and at town events. The students were happy to be a part of the fundraising effort through the fees that they paid to attend. They were recognized as Dog Park Ambassadors once the Frostburg Dog Park was built.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.50.29 PM

The City officials were thinking that a small section of the Paris N. Glendening Recreation Complex, an expanding recreational area to the west of the city could be developed as the Frostburg Dog Park. The discussion at that time revolved around the concept that while people had their children playing various sports, they could also let their dog play in the designated dog park area of the community park. 

Amelia and Ellen knew that their How To Create A Dog Park For Your Community role would be to continue  teaching classes while the discussion continued among the dog lovers.

In our next chapter, we will discuss what was taught to the puppies and adult dogs to help prepare them for the Frostburg Dog Park environment.  Be sure to subscribe to YourPetsView to learn more.

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