Honoring Tango- The Fire Safety Dog

Keep Kids Fire Safe

Tango Helps Keep Kids Fire Safe

My pet parent and I recently met Tango, the Fire Safety Dog, and his pet parent Dayna Hilton, at BlogPaws 2011. I could tell Tango was a special dog the moment I laid my eyes on him.  He is a dog with a purpose and we should all honor that purpose.

Dayna, a firefighter herself, initially started teaching fire safety to children with her Dalmatian named Sparkles. As her passion for teaching children about fire safety grew inside her, so did the desire to make the fire safety message grow. As a result, the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation was formed in September 2009.

The Foundation teaches fire safety through coloring books and provides downloadable coloring pages for educators. Hidden picture puzzles are also available to spread the fire safety message in a way that children and their caregivers will remember. You can help the foundation promote fire safety and develop fire safety related materials by making a tax-deductible donation.

Practice fire safety every day. Follow my Top Ten fire safety tips:

  • Make sure the fire alarm and fire extinguisher work!
  • Stash matches and lighters away from your children.
  • Help your family kick the smoking habit to avoid smoldering cigarettes.
  • Douse the pet odor exterminator candle.
  • Don’t lay too close to the fire in the fireplace or wood stove. The same goes for space heaters.
  • Practice your fire escape plan and chase your family out of the house at least twice a year.
  • Practice with your family to “Stop, Drop, Roll and Cool.”
  • Crawl low under the smoke.
  • Go to your outside meeting place.
  • Use your herding skills to prevent your family from going back inside a burning home.

I hope that your family never experiences a fire. Stay safe. Support Tango and Dayna with the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation!

Living in the moment,


Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia Johnson

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  • L7 Marking

    September 10, 2011

    I think your sharing is very unique and these dogs can be use for many purposes. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  • Amelia Johnson

    September 12, 2011

    Thank you for visiting and commenting.  Dalmatians have a history of being popular with horse lovers too. Since the first fire engines were powered by horses, it is very fitting for Sparkles and now, Tango, to be fire safety dogs. What other purposes have you known Dalmatians to have?

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