Holiday Pet Therapy Trips & Tips


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Oh, Come All Ye Faithful Friends…

The holidays can be a lonely time for residents in rehab therapy or long-time care facilities so let me encourage you to make a trip to these places so that you can bring joy to someone you love. I will also give you some tips for success. Pet parents, if you are reading this too, understand that these tips are all from your pet’s view.

Pet Therapy Dress Code

All Dressed Up With My Jingle Bell Collar


 5 Pet Health Tips To Prepare For Your Therapy Trip:

  1. Be sure that you have your immunizations in order and that you feel well
  2. Brush up on your obedient behaviors
  3. Take a bath and put on a holiday bangle that jingles or blinks so that the residents can see or hear you  coming
  4. Make sure your pet parent is aware enough to enhance your interaction with the patients
  5. Ask if the facility requires a certification from a sponsoring organization.
Holiday Pet Therapy

Here I am visiting my “grandparents” at the Frostburg Village.



Benefits That Pet Therapy Can Bring To The Patients At The Health Care Facility:

  • Patients will look forward to seeing you
  • Patients will care about you and want to play with you rather than mope about their loneliness
  • You will bring patients out of their shells as they tell you stories about their own pets that they once had and miss so much



Pet Therapy

These Are My “Break” Partners





Pet Therapy Interaction

Here I Am With Don the “Cookie Man”…I Really Like Him!










  • The patients will exercise their arms and fingers as they reach out to pet you. This will also improve their core muscles as they balance themselves in their wheelchairs.
  • Knowing that you will love them unconditionally, the patients will experience an improved physical state as their heart rate and blood pressure decreases as they make contact  with you.
  •  The patients will interact more with the staff, other patients and visitors as they talk about you and wait for the time that you make each one of them feel special.


Therapy Benefits to You and Your Pet Parent:

Children Visiting Nursing Home

I Brought Smiles To These Children!

Your Pet parent will feel better after a visit knowing he/she has brightened someone’s day.

You both will make new friends!

You can use the health facility’s holiday decorations as backdrops for your holiday pet pictures.

Christmas Caroling Dog

Sitting With the Holiday Singers













Pet Therapy Has Its Risks

  • Watch out for patients that ruffle your fur too vigorously or even pull your fur or ears and won’t let go.
  • Give wheelchairs a wide berth so that you don’t get your paws or tail run over or caught in the spokes.
  • Drink plenty of water since these places tend to be very warm
  • Limit your intake of food offered by well-meaning residents…it will affect your waistline.
  • Don’t pee on the tree or if you are a cat, don’t climb it!

We hope that you enjoyed our holiday pet therapy trips and tips!

Be sure to leave your comments…we’d like to know how you spend your pet holidays!


Living in the moment, 


Pet Companion to Animal Lover Amelia

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