Health Update from Holistic Veterinarian

I received my health update from my holistic veterinarian.  It would be nice if such a vet practiced locally, but as it is, I have my pet parent drive for over 3 hours to visit this specialist.

It’s been almost two months since my dad witnessed my seizure. The vet ordered a complete blood count, a full chemistry profile, a pro BNP test and a thyroid panel.  The blood tests don’t show anything out of the ordinary…which I don’t completely understand since there is absolutely nothing ordinary about me.

While I was there, I had a NAET treatment and a chiropractic adjustment.  Roundworms were found in my stool…I only take heartworm medicine which also protects against worms 6 months out of the year so they made their appearance.

It is Spring and the pollen has been heavy in the air.  My eyes have been tearing heavily so we ruled out any tear duct blockage with a Shirmers Tear Test.

Now I am back on Heartworm medicine and I am taking some Chinese Herbs.  I also have some homeopathic remedies on hand just in case I have another seizure.  I hope it was just a once-in-a-lifetime event. Dennis O’Brien,D.V.M, a neurologist at the University of Missouri reports that there is no single “screening test” that will diagnose epilepsy either before or after a seisure.

We are still waiting for the thyroid panel which takes from 14 to 20 days to process.

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