Golden Retriever is Official Playmate of Bedford Springs Resort

 Had I known that my pet parent was going to meet Toby, who is the official resort dog at Bedford Springs, I would have insisted on going along to meet him too. Toby has play dates with other lucky dogs that get to stay at this Omni pet-friendly resort.

The story goes that Toby lived with a woman that got married for the fourth time. Her new husband did not want to have to compete with gentleman Toby so he said Toby had to find a new home. Apparently this has worked out well for Toby. He has lost six pounds on the job at the resort and gets all kinds of back rubs and belly rubs whenever he presents his smiling face. Click here to watch this television appearance.

Living in the moment,

Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia

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  • yournaturalpet

    January 12, 2010

    What Fun! Sorry I missed the lunch & meeting Toby, but I was puppy-sitting our little ones. Good stuff on your blog! -Janet

  • Animal Lover Amelia

    January 19, 2010

    We will have to come up with a celebration excuse to go back there…good food and great friends!

    animal lover Amelia

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