Furry Fun Friday

Furry Fun Friday – Episode 2

Episode 2 of Furry Fun Friday

began with Amelia talking about an interview she had listened to with William Shatner of Star Trek fame.  Bill was very excited about how Star Trek was celebrating 50 years since its beginning by touring with the music set to the scenes in Star Trek.

So what does this have to do with Furry Fun Friday? Well, it all goes back to 1988 when Amelia met Bill Shatner at the Governor’s Ball at the World Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky where both of them were exhibiting horses. Amelia was the trainer of RWC Sultan’s Leather & Lace. Bill owned and showed many fine American Saddlebred horses with one of Kentucky’s trainers. Amelia can attest to the fact that Bill Shatner could really ride well.

So the interview went on with Bill telling how the best actors don’t play a role but “live in the moment” just as one does when they are petting a dog. When an actor is living in the moment, they are really genuine. William Shatner is now performing a “One Man Show” across the United States so you may be able to watch him in a town near you. He is still amazingly vibrant despite the age spots that “suddenly” appeared on his hands…at least he can laugh about it as he lives in the moment.

Your Pet's Health

Your Pet’s Health

Jess Rosman joined Amelia on the blab to talk more about her dogs.  One of her dogs was aggressive when she rescued her. Besides training and exercising her, Jess consulted with Dr. Jean Dodds who suggested she put Mabel on a cooling diet. She has been on the diet for about a year and Jess can see a difference in her behavior.

Jess also mentioned that she uses a Flirt Pole.

Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 Dog Exercise Toy with Blue/Aqua Squeaker Fleece Lure, 36-Inch   (Schatzi’s Pet Cash Link)
At first Amelia wasn’t sure what she meant by a Flirt Pole but after reviewing the product she realized that I have one that is very similar only it is basically a long horse training whip with a fluffy squirrel toy on the end that I can chase as she swings the whip.

Another guest came on with a question about what to do if her dog Cesar won’t eat. Her mother keeps the dog during the day while she is working and the dog has taught her mother to give him table scraps so now he doesn’t want to eat kibble when he goes back home. At 8 months of age, Cesar’s growth rate may be slowing down a bit so he is not as hungry. Jess and Amelia came up with a few suggestions though so watch the Furry Fun Friday Blab to find out more.

We got to meet some dogs from Australia. Daisy and Rory have both been rescued from shelters. The application for Daisy was fairly simple. However, when they adopted Rory 5 years later, the application process was much more thorough. The humane society expected the couple to have fenced-in property for their new pet and would normally do an in-home inspection but these procedures were waived since Ben and his wife lived over 2 hours away.

We had a lot of fun on this Blab.  Set up your Twitter account so that you can join us on Friday nights at 8 PM EST to make your pet the star of the next episode of Furry Fun Friday!

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