Dog Parks Built by Relationships

Dog parks are built by relationships. My pet parent Amelia recently visited dog parks around Columbus, Ohio.  Pooch Playground is in the Gahanna area. She was told that a family had originally donated the land which was then turned into ball fields. Unfortunately, when the fields were not being used to play ball, the “undesirables” occupied the space…and I am not talking about stray dogs.

Pooch Playground is near a busy airport where the noise can be deafening. The dogs don’t care and neither do the pet parents that are building relationships, exchanging training tips and exercising their dogs. The very presence of dogs and people during most of the day and evening hours has deterred the delinquents and vandals alike. A philosopher could ask which came first, the dog park or the relationships. Relationships built the park and the dogs and their pet parents are building relationships that enhance community life.

Watch this pet video of Pooch Playground:

Living in the moment,


Pet companion to animal lover Amelia Johnson

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