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Challenging Your Pet Brand Loyalty

Pet food

Brand Loyalty

Today, I am going to challenge your loyalty to your particular pet product brand. Amelia and I have already shown you that a few large companies actually own the brands of pet foods and treats that you may still think are individual brands because that is how they are promoted to you.

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Get out a piece of paper and write down the answers to the following questions to clarify why you are programmed to brand loyalty…and don’t say that the dog has chewed up all of your pens and pencils or that the cat has hidden them away in a safe place or used your paper in its litter box. It is your responsibility as a pet parent to make the best decisions for you and your pet but you won’t be able to unless you understand why you made your choice in the first place.

Let’s clarify why you may have made your selections. Thousands of new toys, treats and other products came into the market in 2012 alone. Did you explore them all or did you continue providing the same products you always have to your pets because you are loyal to that brand?

Have you become aware of all of the increased competition for your attention among the popular brands? Many are adding “natural” to their labels since there is a lot of buzz about “natural” being better. It’s like when you buy your special car and then when  you are driving down the road, you notice how many other people are driving that same “special” car which validates your wise thinking…after all, when that many people buy the same thing, then they all have to be making a wise decision, right?

After the pet food recalls in 2007, pet parents demanded safer products…so now you see the word “safe” in product marketing across many brands. Brands are also promoting their “fresher” foods.

So here are a few more elements for you to consider on why you are loyal to your pet food and treat brand. Select the ones that apply and then we will review your possible reasoning:

  1. Price
  2. Durability of packaging
  3. Easy to find
  4. Available online
  5. Social media activity of the brand
  6. It was the brand my family used
  7. It was recommended by a friend
  8. Celebrity endorsement
  9. Professional endorsement
  10. Rewards program

Okay, now if you chose the price of pet food, is that price based on the price of the bag of food or the price of the actual serving amount that you feed your pet? Do you realize that you may be spending more on a “less expensive food” because you have to feed more of that food to satisfy your pet’s minimum nutritional requirements?

Your pet food and treats should always be kept in the original packaging even if you also put the food into a plastic or tin bin or cookie jar. Why? First, it stays fresher. Secondly, what if there is a recall? The only way you would know if your product was involved in that recall is if you kept the original packaging with the identification numbers. There is one caveat to this… Some metal cans are still lined with a material that is not healthy. Always put what is not served directly from a can after it is opened into a glass or ceramic container to keep it safe and fresh.

Are you simply picking up pet products at the same store where you are shopping for your own products because it is easier even though those products are of lower nutritional value for your pet?

Are you buying your pet products online because you like to have them sent to your house directly without having to lug them from the store to your car to your home? How does the company’s “free shipping” offer affect the quality of the product?

Brands are using Social media in a cute way to constantly promote their products…does this attraction marketing make you loyal to them because you get to post your pet’s picture on the site or enter contests?

Do you buy the same brand that has been used by your family for decades without realizing that the brand is now under the umbrella of a mega corporation that is increasing its shareholders dividends with the discretionary money pet parents spend on their pets? That brand has not remained loyal to you…it’s changed teams.

Do you buy a brand of pet food or treat or toy that your friend or a celebrity or a professional uses without questioning whether that brand suits the needs of your own pets?

Are you collecting coupons or cutting circles off of bags or boxes for the rewards that are offered to you…even if it’s just a few pennies on the pound? Wouldn’t you rather have preferred customer pricing regardless of how much you buy from that brand?

What criteria have you used when making your selection of pet products? Let us know why you are loyal to your pet brand by leaving your comment below…

Next, we will discuss our own criteria for selecting pet products by digging deeper…

Living in the moment,


Pet Companion to Animal Lover Amelia

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