Business Savvy Veterinarians Use Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing sites such as Twitter and Facebook are now being implemented by business savvy veterinarians. Sheila Grosdidier is an on-site consultant for veterinary practices.  In a recent forum post on Vet Learn, she wrote about the trends in client service. 

My pet parent has seen veterinarians bend over backwards to please difficult clients.  She has also witnessed a veterinarian tell a client that if he did not like to pay the fees that she charged for her services, that he could take his business elsewhere.  Perhaps the second example may become the trend with the thinking that no matter what you do, you will not please the unhappy client so the valuable time should only be spent with “better” clients.

So what if that unhappy client gets on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter and shouts out about his experience? It may go viral.  On the other paw, veterinarians may want to encourage their clients to tweet about just how fantastic they think their vet is with their pets.

I wonder if my veterinarians have Facebook pages or YouTube channels. Perhaps I will find an email from them in my Inbox.  I am going to put my nose to the computer and do a search now…

How does your pet parent feel about veterinarians using social media as a way to gain the trust of their clients?

Living in the moment,

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