BlogPaws Surprises, Prizes and Celebrities

My pet parent experienced BlogPaws in April but we are just getting this blog back up and running so forgive the late report.  Believe me, it is worth waiting for.  BlogPaws exceeded everyone’s expectations. This was a gathering of pet bloggers for networking, learning and fun!

Many sponsors made this event possible: Meow Mix, Kibbles ‘n Bits, Purina Care Pet Health Insurance, PETSMART, dogtime media, Wellness Natural Food and Treats for Pets, Bissell, Puppy Tweets, Cats against, Kodak, AAHA, i LOVE DOGS, bamboo,, Destinations Design, Furminator, West & Co., Bella’s Pain Relief, blogger BLACK BOOK, The Pet Bus and…names you should recognize if your pet parent has been shopping for you at all.

The sponsors were very generous.  Every chance the Founders got, tickets were drawn and prizes were awarded.  My pet parent was quite delighted with what she won.

Experience the excitement of  Blog Paws in this pet video:

Living in the moment,


Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia

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