BlogPaws 2011 – Here We Come!

Hanging On Until We Get to BlogPaws 2011 !

My pet parent and I are hanging on until we get to BlogPaws 2011…just as Stuart the kitten is hanging on by a nail while his sister Lizzie stares in awe at his athletic ability. We know we will be hanging on once we get there too on Thursday, August 25. We will be hanging on to the new friends we make and the relationships that we build at this event just for pet bloggers. The Pet Park and the Exhibits will be open. I wonder if the pet park is anything like the Frostburg Dog Park that I go to now?

Rescue Ink will be welcoming the pet bloggers on Friday morning. The day will be filled with so much to learn and many exhibits to see. I wish I could take notes so that Amelia and I could split up and take in more. I think I may be spending some time with other dogs and pets that will be attending.  The hotel has relaxed its pet policy just for this event.  I can’t wait to check out the rooms. We are supposed to have a room with a view.  I haven’t been in a hotel since I was working on my Champion and obedience titles. My manners have improved a great deal since then.  I am a Canine Good Citizen and proud of it!

Saturday will start with more time at the Pet Park, then more information to challenge the mind and soul.  Heidi Ganahi from Camp Bow-Wow will be presenting the morning keynote. I am sure the day will go by very fast…too fast. My pet parent did not want to leave BlogPaws 2010 in Columbus, Ohio and she will probably have the same feelings about this one.

Join us this weekend at BlogPaws 2011!  You can register at the door.

Living in the moment,


Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia Johnson




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  • Plaque Blast

    August 23, 2011

    That was a powerful claws, nice one! Just dropping by to say Hi, I need to find blogs fro my cat.

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