American Eskimo

How We Chose the Right Dog Food For Me

Discriminating Pet Parents do their due diligence in choosing the right dog and cat food for their pet.

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Pet food

Challenging Your Pet Brand Loyalty

Today, I am going to challenge your loyalty to your particular pet product brand.

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Pet Food Companies

What Makes Your Pet Food Different?

What Makes Your Pet Food Different? Has your pet food company…

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Therapy Cat

Jameson Care Center Therapy Cats Conquer Loneliness

I went into the Jameson Care Center to help conquer the loneliness…

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Holiday Pet Therapy Trips & Tips

  The holidays can be a lonely time for residents in rehab therapy or long-time care facilities so let me encourage you to make a trip to these places so that you can bring joy to someone you love. I will also give you some tips for success. Pet parents, if you are reading this too, understand that these…

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No Pets Allowed in Shelters

No Pets Allowed in Shelters? I am not referring to animal shelters here. Rather, I am referring to women’s shelters.

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Are You Enrolled in a Canine Life and Social Skills Program?

It looks like my pet parent is checking out the Canine Life and Social Skills Program to promote training using positive reinforcement. It has been been developed by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers to strengthen relationships between us dogs and our pet parents. I am all for that. Strong relationships are what keep us in our homes in spite of what we do…

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February is National Pet Dental Awareness Month

According to the Healthy Pet report, dental disease affects 85% of dogs and cats over the age of 2. Even though there are many pet products out there like toothpaste, oral gels and rinses, pet parents today resist putting a toothbrush or finger brush inside our mouths.

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Why Do Pet Sitters Sit?

Has your pet parent ever hired a pet sitter? Was the pet sitter a family member or a professional pet sitter? If they were a family member, then they either love you to pieces or your pet parent exchanges pet sitting duties when your “family” pet sitter needs some time spent with their pets. Sometimes these arrangements work, sometimes they don’t…depends on how even the requests are for time with you or the pets in your family circle.

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Now You Can Have Fine Art and Support Dogs Too!

Take your pet parent to The Fine Art Sale in New York City just before the Westminster Dog Show. Yes, that’s right…you can go to the festivities with them. You may want to help them select a dog painting for your room. You can join the AKC and AKC Humane Fund for the Barkfest at Bonhams’ Charity Brunch.

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