Animal Cruelty – Ducky’s Story


Ducky - a poster dog for Animal Cruelty

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has designated April as Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month. The month may be ending but we need to continue to do our part to prevent cruelty to animals.

Ducky’s story created a media sensation in the newspaper, on radio and on Facebook during the month of April 2011. Volunteers that were searching for him nicknamed this medium-sized cream and brown terrier “Ducky” because his snout was wrapped in duct tape by his abusers.

As seven days went by with sightings covering many miles from Corriganville, Mount Savage, and Frostburg to Lonaconing, Maryland, rewards were offered not only for Ducky’s safe and sound capture, but also for anyone leading authorities to the perpetrator of this cruel act. Delegate Kevin Kelly and then Governor Martin O’Malley also responded to Ducky’s plight. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources used automated phone calls asking area residents to report Ducky sightings. Humane traps were set but failed to lure the wily terrier inside.

Ducky finally became totally exhausted far away from where he was first abandoned. Frightened, he bit the animal control officer that retrieved him from where he was resting. Ducky was then placed in quarantine for 10 days. Donations have paid his veterinary bills. Ducky is now at Ark of Hope Rescue along with his brothers Captain and Frank and his sister Mitzi. Diane Care stated that the next step is just making sure that the 2-year-old dogs are socially ready to be adopted.

You can help support Ducky and his siblings and others like Ducky who find themselves homeless and deserving of a better life with a loving family. Volunteer, donate money or visit them on the web at Ark of Hope Ducky will be making a personal appearance at the General Art Store on April 30th during the Arts Walk from 5 to 8 p.m. Local artist Artie Burl has contributed a painting of Ducky to be auctioned off and posters will be available for his many fans to purchase to support his continued care.

Prevent dogs from being abandoned for lack of socialization and exercise. Support the Frostburg Dog Park or your local dog park by volunteering or sending in your monetary donations. Be sure to attend obedience/agility classes to build your bond with your dog.

In this case, two men were arrested on numerous charges of animal cruelty in regard to Ducky. They posted $3500 bond. If convicted, they face maximum penalties of 90 days in jail and/or fines of up to $1000.

Have your pet parents comment about dogs they have rescued or cases of animal abuse that have had a happy ending for the animal involved.

Living in the moment,
Pet Companion to animal lover Amelia Johnson

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  • Sarah

    April 29, 2011

    I thought that they name Ducky was due to him being thrown into water and swimming out like a duck…or something like that. I had also assumed that it was due to the duct tape being wrapped around his snout but the We Love Ducky facebook page stated otherwise.

  • Janet Makarick

    April 29, 2011

    It sounds like this story will have a happy ending, thanks to all the animal lovers in Western Maryland. Unfortunately, I believe the 2 men will not receive the punishment they deserve for this crime. I adopted an abused sheltie-mix about 10 years ago, and his abuser was only given a minimal fine. Our “Chance” loves all his labrador buddies and has had a good life playing & Swimming with them. Your art auction and the media attention will benefit many homeless & abused pets – great job!

  • Amelia

    May 2, 2011

    Hi, Sarah,
    Thanks for your comment. Sources close to Ducky still say that he was given the name Ducky because of the duct tape around his nose. So many stories have circulated about this lovable dog. The only one that really matters is that this story has a happy ending.
    Come back soon!
    Schatzi & Amelia

  • Amelia

    May 4, 2011

    Hi Janet,
    Thanks for following this story about Ducky. He loves children and his picture appeared in the Cumberland Times-News with a 3 year old girl, just chilling out together. Sweet. His brother Captain kept him company at the art auction. He is adorable also.
    Living in the moment,
    Schatzi & Amelia

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